Rocket  id: 12256535
Game Value Created
To add or change your game IDs, find a tournament for that game by choosing a game on the games page. On the right side of the tournament you will see the tournament widget, where you can update your game ID. BattleTag (Global) RocketAlpha#2486   2019-01-29 10:09:53
Clash Royale Account #8VGP8QJYU   2020-02-20 15:54:43
EA ID (PC) rocket-alpha   2019-03-03 10:28:18
ESEA Account (IN DEVELOPMENT) 2743209   2021-10-25 11:05:21
Steam Account TheSwissWizard   2019-05-24 18:16:17
Uplay Nick TheSwissWizard   2021-05-27 21:28:48