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Ata Berk 'Mishu' Solmaz  id: 8763648

Name Ata Berk Solmaz
Nick Mishu
Member since 24/11/14
Age / Gender 27 Years / male
Territory Turkey
Occupation Volunteer ESL Turkey Staff Head
Main team ESL Turkey
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Level & Awards
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
League of Legends
Teamfight Tactics
Rainbow Six: Siege
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  Honorary   ESL Play Staff Team 5 Years
  Staff   Staff ESL Global 
Clubs  public
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Recent matches
loss Jadzy  Saturday, 24/09/22 08:00
  League of Legends
loss NoitacoL  Saturday, 09/10/21 15:30
loss foreo  Thursday, 24/09/20 10:33
loss Frixos  Thursday, 24/09/20 09:53
loss foreo  Thursday, 24/09/20 09:43
  League of Legends
win NoitacoL  Wednesday, 26/08/20 09:10
  Teamfight Tactics
loss NoitacoL  Thursday, 16/07/20 10:40
loss NoitacoL  Thursday, 16/07/20 09:50
loss empress  Thursday, 16/07/20 09:00 1
loss NoitacoL  Thursday, 16/07/20 08:50
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