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Sebastian 'Baschi' Weishaar  id: 25515

Name Sebastian Weishaar
Nick Baschi
Member since 11/07/00
Age / Gender 39 Years / male
Nationality  Germany
Territory Germany
Occupation Vice President International Business
Main team ESL Gaming
My "gaming career" started in the early 90's on the Super Nintendo and Amiga.
In the mid 90's I got my 1st PC and started playing games there, however the 1st competitive online game i played was Warcraft II back in 98.
With the release of Warcraft III in 2002 i basically stopped playing actively and moved on the the admin site ->  more...  
Level & Awards
  25 Awards  
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  Turtle Hearthstone Tournament Stage 1
loss 8183158  0 Tuesday, 09/12/14 12:00
win Joscha  +2 Saturday, 06/12/14 12:00
win (bye)  Wednesday, 03/12/14 12:00
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