Cynthia 'Lulu' Planas  id: 10175394
Game Value Created
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Arena of Valor Nickname (Europe) LuluPower   2017-09-24 02:43:29
Arena of Valor Nickname (South America) ESL Lulu   2017-12-30 20:52:35
Clash of Clans #LGJJCGVC9   2019-12-27 06:47:35
Clash of Clans Supercell ID (IN DEVELOPMENT) #LGJJCGVC9   2019-12-02 00:51:38
Clash Royale Account #2YJ9QVVVV   2019-05-16 04:46:34
Clash Royale Supercell ID (IN DEVELOPMENT) #P8PPUPCJ0   2019-12-02 00:51:38
EA ID (PC) 474e5f87afc19b92   2019-02-25 17:08:09
ESEA Account (IN DEVELOPMENT) 2856399   2023-02-03 13:29:08
PSN Online ID SrtaLu   2022-04-06 22:15:49
Steam Account SrtaLu   2019-02-25 17:08:33
Xbox Account ESL Lulu   2019-06-20 02:29:40