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yetj  id: 4518521

Name Kamil 
Nick yetj
Member since 24/10/09
Age / Gender 30 Years / male
Nationality  Poland
Territory Poland
Main team ESL Poland
Homepage --
Staff Head PUBG Mobile
Former Global Staff Head Tanki Online and Staff Head League of Legends Poland
I'm not answering for private messages and invites in the game
All questions please ask in Support tickets!
Level & Awards
  7 Awards  
League of Legends
FIFA 22 (PS4)
#IDARB (One)
Tanki Online
  Staff   ESL Poland 
Recent matches
loss sergg  Friday, 28/07/23 14:00
loss ShadowShadet  Friday, 28/07/23 13:00
loss Manzel  Friday, 28/07/23 12:00
win Cinetik  Friday, 28/07/23 11:00
loss Meh  Friday, 28/07/23 10:00
win tusia  Friday, 28/07/23 09:00
  Tanki Online
win (bye)  Friday, 14/09/18 13:00
loss DippyNikki  Sunday, 07/01/18 06:45
loss DGN  Sunday, 07/01/18 05:45
loss Chexx  Sunday, 07/01/18 04:45
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